TkDelay - Release Notes

v1.5.0 (19 Dec 2022)

added: VST3 format.
added: Native Apple Silicon Support.
stability improvements.
better User Interface scaling.
a few minor UI tweaks.

v1.4.6 (6 May 2019) (AAX) fixed: validation failing on certain systems. (VST) fixed: old sessions not correctly recalled in certain hosts (notably live and cubase). (VST) improved resize behaviour.

v1.4.5 (4 Dec 2018) (VST) fixed: plugin state not correctly recalled in certain hosts (notably live and cubase).

v1.4.4 (31 Oct 2018) fixed: crash under certain circumstances (notably in WaveLab). v1.4.3 (24 Oct 2018) fixed: plugin not showing up in macOS 10.14 (Mojave). fixed/improved: overall stability. improved: faster load time. added: 30 extra presets.

v1.4.2 (17 Nov 2017) fixed: presets not listed in alphabetical order (macOS 10.13). tweak: filter LFO phase in sync mode is now consistent. tweak: filter is now active by default. tweak: knobs do not follow horizontal mouse movements anymore (but only vertical ones). tweak: when resizing the UI, save last size as default UI size. tweak: a few UI changes and improvements. (AAX) added support for automation menus shortcut. added: 28 new presets (from Sink).

v1.4.1 (2 Nov 2016) fixed: license validation issue.

v1.4.0 (18 Oct 2016) added: Undo/Redo. added: A-B states switch. added: MIDI program change support. added: portuguese language. changed: demo mode restriction (output is now occasionally muted). + several User Interface improvements.

v1.3.3 (8 Feb 2016) fixed: offline rendering issue (notably for FL studio users). fixed: occasional flicker on tooltips. fixed: midi-learn popup menu size.

v1.3.2 (9 Dec 2015) (OSX) fixed: graphical glitches on certain Mac OS X machines. v1.3.1 (7 Dec 2015) added: option to copy/paste the plug-in's state (right click on the preset's title...) fixed: parameters not correctly recalled when 'frozen' by default in the 'freezer'.

v1.3.0 (27 Oct 2015) added: ducking! added: delay time durations can now be typed in.

v1.2.1 (20 Sep 2015) fixed: input gains and modulations parameters not always correctly recalled when linked.

v1.2.0 (19 Mar 2015) added: AAX support

v1.1.1 (12 Feb 2015) fixed: CPU spikes under certain circumstances fixed: silent right channel in certain configurations with single input

v1.1.0 (9 Jan 2015) added: a new theme! fixed: User defined default preset not correctly recalling delay times fixed: Delayline not fully re-initialized on sample rate changes

v1.0.0 (6 Dec 2014) added: more filters options : - resonant 24dB highpass - resonant 24dB lowpass - hi-pass + low-pass combination (both 12dB) added: host-synced filter modulation added: preset access from main preset menu added: 'save' option in the presets menu added: interactive midi learn (midi is off by default, see preferences) improved: increased delay times range and precision. fixed: delay time modulation : when rate is 0, the depth acts as a delay time offset. That value was sometimes wrong. fixed: first reversed echo not taking modulation into account fixed: new presets not showing up fixed: filter freq not anymore modified by the lfo depth when the lfo rate is 0

v1.0.0 beta 5 (8 Nov 2014) (Win only) added XP support and fixed some installation issues.

v1.0.0 beta 4 (18 Oct 2014) - added: tap-tempo (and an option in GUI preferences to optionally hide it) - (AU only) fixed: delayed sound not stopped anymore when the playhead starts back a loop. - improved: tooltips' sizes and resizing

v1.0.0 beta 3 (16 Oct 2014) - fixed: a filter could lead to some strong noise under certain circumstances - improved: Windows installer now allows you to select the destination folder

v1.0.0 beta 2 (15 Oct 2014) - (AU only) fixed validation failure

v1.0.0 beta 1 (13 Oct 2014) First public release