Echorus - Chorus plugin


The demo is fully functional, but the audio output will be muted occasionally.
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version 1.1.0 – changelog
Win 7 or later – macOS 10.9 or later

Echorus – Organic Chorus

Echorus is built around 4 original chorus algorithms, an Echo section, and a couple of analog-modeled high-pass and low-pass filters.

The 4 chorus modes (retro, multi, detune, random) provide a wide range of chorusing effects. They make Echorus versatile and suitable for any type of sound sources, and whether you want a subtle, thick, dark, cheesy, or more experimental chorus sound, Echorus has got you covered.

Echorus also has an echo section including delay time and feedback gain controls. This allows you to re-inject the output signal within the chorus, expanding further more the possibilities.
You can use this feedback loop with some short delay times to strengthen the chorus effect, get some flanging tones or create pitched resonances. Longer delay lines bring more classical delay effects, but with the particularity that your sound will pass through the chorus processor at each echo. Set up a sensible echo delay time and increase the feedback gain… and you will end up with big washy ambiences. Adjust it to more moderate settings, and you have the perfect tool for enhancing and enriching pads, keys and guitars.

“Echorus is one of the most analog sounding digital effects we’ve laid ears on”

“A no-frills chorus plug-in with some distinctive sounds”

Key Features

4 different Chorus Modes:

. Retro
. Multi
. Detune
. Random

Chorus Controls:

. Rate
. Depth
. Width

Echo section:

. bypass switch
. delay time
. feedback gain

Output section:

. Analog-modeled highpass & lowpass filters
. Mix and output gain controls


. Clean and intuitive
. Fully resizable
. Optimised for Retina / Hi Res displays
. A/B switch
. Tooltips and prefs in english, french, portuguese and spanish


. 50+ presets to get you started
. File based preset system
. Access through menu or browser
. Presets ‘freezer’ for safe recall
. Copy/paste the state of the plugin using the system clipboard

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