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The demo is fully functional, but the audio output will be muted occasionally. You can unlock the full version by purchasing a license.

version 1.4.6 (6 may 2019) – changelog
Requirements:  Win 7 or later – macOS 10.7 or later

From classic delays to experimental sounds, TkDelay is a highly versatile delay plugin with a bunch of functionalities that makes it unique:

  • Independent left/right delay times, feedback, and time modulations to create wide and animated delays.
  • Independent left/right frequency shifting within the feedback path for subtle modulations or out of this world echoes.
  • Drive and analog filtering stage to make it warm.
  • A reverse module to blend in reversed echoes.
  • Filter modulations with free or synced LFO.

TkDelay also includes useful features such as tap-tempo, ducking, presets manager, left-right channels ‘linkers’, parameters safe-recall, dark/bright UI themes…

Main Controls

. Host-synced and free delay times (per channel)
. Delay times modulation (per channel)
. Feedback gains with infinite loop support (per channel)
. Frequency shifter (per channel)
. Reverse mode
. Ping-pong (via cross-feedback control)
. Tap-tempo
. Overdrive
. Ducking
. Wet/Dry and output gain controls
. Phase inversion


. Fully resizable interface !
. Clean and intuitive
. Fast access to synced times through menus
. Display synced delay times as notes or ratios
. Interactive MIDI-learn
. Left-Right params links
. Tooltips and prefs in english, french, spanish, portuguese


. Resonant low-pass
. Resonant hi-pass
. Band-pass
. Highpass + lowpass combination
. Freq modulation with free or host-synced rate
. Inside or outside the feedback loop
. Bypass switch


. File based preset system
. Access through menu or browser
. Presets ‘freezer’ for safe recall
. Copy/paste current state using the system clipboard

“One of the best delay plugins”

“A great delay plugin that begs you to try it!”