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TkDelay is a versatile delay audio plugin. From classic delays to experimental sounds, tkDelay will accompany your needs and creativity.

Key Features

Main Controls

. Host-synced and free delay times (per channel)
. Delay times modulation (per channel)
. Feedback gains with infinite loop support (per channel)
. Frequency shifter (per channel)
. Reverse mode
. Ping-pong (via cross-feedback control)
. Tap-tempo
. Overdrive
. Ducking
. Wet/Dry and output gain controls
. Phase inversion


. Resonant low-pass
. Resonant hi-pass
. Band-pass
. Highpass + lowpass combination
. Freq modulation with free or host-synced rate
. Inside or outside the feedback loop
. Bypass switch


. Fully resizable interface !
. Clean and intuitive
. Fast access to synced times through menus
. Display synced delay times as notes or ratios
. Interactive MIDI-learn
. Left-Right params links
. Tooltips and prefs in english, french and spanish


. File based preset system
. Access through menu or browser
. Presets ‘freezer’ for safe recall
. Copy/paste current state using the system clipboard


version 1.4.1 (2 nov 2016) – changelog

Pick up your installer (recommended)

or click here for manual install

tkDelay demo is fully functional, but the audio output will be muted occasionally. You can unlock the demo by purchasing a license.


– Win 7 or later (32/64b)
– OSX 10.7 or later (32/64b)


tkDelay cost only 49€, including free updates for life!
Your license allows you to use tkDelay on one computer at a time. Multiple tkDelay installs for use by the same person are fine.

Software Protection

We prefer to spend time working on our products rather than on strong anti-piracy mechanisms!

tkDelay is thus easy to install and register. NO challenge-response stuff, just a simple license file sent to you by mail upon payment.


Want to give us feedback or report an issue?
Please go ahead and do so through our support page